Casa de Velázquez is an exceptional place where artists from different geographic and cultural backgrounds can develop their creative talents, ponder on their craft and their aesthetic inclinations and share their experiences. Its Artistic Section is a centre that encourages experimentation, welcomes the most diverse individual expressions without prejudice and helps to promote the works of its members.

At the present time the Artistic Section has room for thirteen members, of French or other nationalities, who are selected in Paris. In addition to these, two Spanish scholars are appointed by Valencia City Council and the Provincial Deputation of Zaragoza respectively. These artists work in one of the following disciplines: architecture, plastic arts, photography, film, video art or musical composition. The members are chosen on the basis of a detailed artistic proposal and are expected to participate fully in the artistic activities organised by the Section. They are appointed for one year, renewable for one further year, or exceptionally two. The Section also admits scholarship holders for stays of one to three months and grants scholarships in conjunction with such prestigious institutions as ESTAMPA (International Contemporary Multiple Art Fair) in Madrid. Scholars are expected to take part in the Section’s activities and may participate in certain exhibitions.

There is a Director of Artistic Studies to supervise the members and implement the artistic policy laid down by the Director of Casa de Velázquez. The Director is responsible for programming: various activities are organised in the course of the year—concerts, exhibitions, film shows, participation in international contemporary art fairs, visits to workshops and publication of catalogues—to promote the members’ work, in Paris, Madrid and various other Spanish and French cities.

Director of studies


Members en 2014-2015

Esaú ACOSTA PÉREZ (1978), architecte

Hélène DAMVILLE (1984), graveur

Baptiste FOMPEYRINE (1989), plasticien

Didier HAMEY (1962), graveur

Víctor IBARRA CÁRDENAS (1978), compositeur

Guillaume LEMARCHAL (1974), photographe

Albert MERINO (1979), vidéaste

Sarah MILLER (1985), plasticienne

Renaud PERRIN (1977), plasticien

Agathe PITIÉ (1986), plasticienne

Pierre PRIMETENS (1974), cinéaste

Quentin RAVELLI (1982), cinéaste

Januibe TEJERA DE MIRANDA (1979), compositeur

Esther SEÑOR GARCÍA (1982), peintre, Holder of Zaragoza Provincial Deputation Scholarship.

Tania BLANCO RUBIO (1978), peintre, Holder of the city of Valencia Scholarship.