The artists

At the present time the Artistic Section has room for thirteen members, of French or other nationalities, who are selected in Paris. In addition to these, two Spanish scholars are appointed by Valencia City Council and the Provincial Deputation of Zaragoza respectively. These artists work in one of the following disciplines: architecture, plastic arts, photography, film, video art or musical composition. The members are chosen on the basis of a detailed artistic proposal and are expected to participate fully in the artistic activities organised by the Section. They are appointed for one year. The Section also admits scholarship holders for stays of one to three months and grants scholarships in conjunction with such prestigious institutions as ESTAMPA (International Contemporary Multiple Art Fair) in Madrid. Scholars are expected to take part in the Section’s activities and may participate in certain exhibitions.

Director of studies

Fabienne AGUADO

Members en 2014-2015

Juan ARROYO (1981), composición musical

Anaïs BOUDOT (1984), fotografía

Nathalie BOURDREUX (1976), pintura

Elise EERAERTS (1986), escultura

Lucas FAGIN (1980), composición musical

Ana María GOMES (1982), cine

Nino LAISNÉ (1985), vídeo

Keita MATSUMIYA (1980), composición musical

Baktash SARANG (1981), dibujo

Giorgio SILVESTRINI (1985), pintura

Keen SOUHLAL (1982), escultura

Benjamin TESTA (1987), escultura

Marianne WASOWSKA (1988), fotografía

Alejandro RAMÍREZ ARIZA (1981), vídeo, Becario Diputación de Zaragoza

Ernesto CASERO (1980), dibujo, Becario Ayuntamiento de Valencia



Boursiers en collaboration

Ignacio BAUTISTA MARTÍNEZ (1982), plasticien - Estampa

Rosalía BANET MASA (1972) plasticienne - DKV Salud

Rebecca CLOSE (1987), chercheuse en art  - Hangar

Isabelle DEHAY (1971), vidéaste - Hangar

Katherinne FIELDER GONZALES-DALY (1982), vidéaste - SEGIB

Antonio GUERRA CASQUERO (1983), plasticien - Fundación Joan Miró

Urtzi IBARGÜEN GURIDI (1978), plasticien - Galería Blanca Soto

Albert MERINO (1979), vidéaste - Hangar

Rafael TRIANA (1988), vidéaste - Madatac

Fernanda TRÍAS (1976), écrivaine - SEGIB-Eñe

Martín VITALITI (1978), plasticien - Hangar

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