Casa de Velázquez editions

Casa de Velázquez's publications cover research in human and social sciences, not limited to any particular period, in a broad range of geographical areas (Iberian Peninsula, the Atlantic region and the Maghreb) and specialities (archaeology, history, literature, geography, sociology, anthropology, linguistics…).

According to the Editorial procedure, works proposed for publication undergo a preliminary evaluation, by the Editorial board in the case of collections, or by the Editorial panel in the case of the journal.

Pre-print proposals that have not been published or submitted to other publishers are assessed for relevance, originality, scientific rigour, contribution to knowledge, scientific weight, technical feasibility and quality of methodology and writing.

Once the pre-print proposal is accepted, the complete dossier is submitted to a double-blind peer review. After the reviewers' recommendations have been addressed by the author/scientific editor, the definitive manuscript is entered in the schedule of publications. A publishing agreement or a letter assigning copyright is then signed between Casa de Velázquez and the author/scientific editor.

The order of processing of definitive manuscripts, duly reviewed and conforming to the editorial standards, is determined by the date of reception following agreement in principle for production.

The Publications coordinator is the liaison with the author or scientific editor(s). Once the definitive manuscript is in process, the author/scientific editor will liaise with the publishing secretariat.

Editorial Board

Directrice de la Casa de Velázquez, directrice des Publications

Directeur des études pour les époques ancienne et médiévale

Directeur des études pour les époques moderne et contemporaine

Responsable du Service des publications