The collections

Collection de la Casa de Velázquez (CCV)

CCV is intended for the publication of collective works compiled from meetings organised as part of the Casa de Velàzquez Programme of scientific activities (conferences, congresses, study sessions).

Texts are reworkings of the proceedings of a meeting. They should not exactly reproduce communications. Some coordination and collation of the different contributions is therefore required to meet the collection's standards.

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Technical specifications

The languages of publication are chiefly French and Spanish; English, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese are accepted provided that they are the author's native language.

  • Cover with colour illustrations
  • Formats: 17 x 24 cm or 21 x 29.7 cm
  • Maximum number of keystrokes: 1 100 000 (including front matter, text, footnotes, endnotes and spaces).
    • up to 20 contributions: Maximum 55 000 keystrokes per article
    • from 21 to 25 contributions: Maximum 44 000 keystrokes per article
  • Summary of references at end of work (sources and critical apparatus)
  • Illustrations: Maximum 5 per contribution (black and white for paper format; colour for numeric format)

Responsibility of scientific editor(s) (maximum 3)

Only Casa de Velázquez correspondents. Responsible for the following tasks:

  • To collect contributions to the work and coordinate the different authors
  • To forward the Letter of assignment of copyright to contributors, to be returned completed and signed
  • Harmonisation of texts, compilation of a single references section at the end of the work, and where applicable preparation of data for an index
  • Observance of the Advice to authors (text and illustrations)
  • Proposal of a cover image
  • The manuscript delivered (text and illustrations) must conform to the collection's formal and scientific requirements.

Responsibilities of authors of contributions

  • Adherence to the collection's specific characteristics, both formal and scientific
  • Observance of the Advice to authors (text and illustrations)

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